Colon Cleanse Products Over The Counter At Walmart

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Over the Counter Colon Cleanser

This refers to colon cleansers that one can easily get from pharmacists or chemists without necessarily having a doctor’s prescription. If you feel you need to have your colon cleaned either due to already identifiable symptoms such as acne and constipation or simply for prevention sake, then some of these colon cleansers may be acquired over the counter. Although many counterfeit products are all over the market, most authentic colon cleanser products are still found over the counter since it is yet to become a multi-mullion business venture.

The important thing one needs to know is how to choose the appropriate colon cleanser for best results. There are quite a number of commercial colon cleansers in medical stores all over the cities and towns, but the big names are Dual Action Colon Cleanse, Oxypowder and Colonix. Other minor products include Bowtrol, Extreme colon cleanser and Almighty colon cleanser. And of course, one can opt to go for the natural remedies whose ingredients are easily available over the internet or by experts and users. The other manual colon cleaning exercise, which is colon irrigation, can only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner or a colon hydro therapist.

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